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Next Meeting Sept.26,2023
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The Eagle Creek Ranch Owners Association (ECROA) is a non-profit property owners association for Eagle Creek Ranch located in Wilson County, Texas, an easy 20 minute commute Southeast of San Antonio, and 10 miles north of Floresville. Map


Eagle Creek Ranch was formed in 1989 from over 2600 acres of land from the former Governor John Connally's Ranch divided into 2 to 10 acre lots, in one of the fastest growing regions of Wilson County. Eagle Creek Ranch is located on the Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer System and enjoys a diverse native animal population of whitetail deer, turkey, hawk, owl, and squirrel. We are fortunate to be on the Southern fly-way for migrating birds and have seen egrets and thousands of ducks and songbirds. We also have a large number of native trees and plant life to include ancient live oaks, post oaks, blackjack oaks, hickory trees, mesquite, native lantana, and too many wild flowers to count during spring time. (They don’t call it Floresville for nothing – translation - flower town!)

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