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Deed Restrictions

Submitting Approvals -

Frequently  Asked Questions

  1. Submit a SITE PLAN – this is a “bird’s-eye view” of your lot and shows the location of all existing structures (house, garage, barn, shed, fences, etc.). It does not need to be to scale. Include where the new improvement will go – and give in feet the distance to the nearest property line.  Add in the size (if applicable) of the new improvement (example – shed will be 8’ X 10’ in size).

Note: Buildings need to be 30 feet from the front lot line and a 15 feet all sides and back property lines unless stated otherwise on your plat map for your lot. 

  1. MATERIALS LIST – the new building material to be used in the construction.

  2. SKETCH THE FINISHED PROJECT –Draw what it will look like once it is completed.  For fences, sketch what a section would look like. 

  3. COLOR – write down what color or stain will be used.  All buildings must be painted or stained, unfinished wood is not allowed.

  4. METAL ROOFS - write a letter and ask for a “variance” to the deed restrictions for a metal roof to be placed on the home or used in a shed or carport. 

  5. MANUFACTURED HOMES – 3 years or newer, are only allowed in certain sections in Eagle Creek Ranch. Provide a copy of the blueprints/floor plan and all construction information, the Texas certificate of manufacture showing the serial numbers of the home and the year it was manufactured. 

  6. SKIRTING REQUIREMENT - Manufactured homes: masonry product such as brick or Hardi Board, vinyl is not permitted.  Decks/Sheds/Porches/Stairs – all supports must be skirted to cover the supports.

  7. SEPTIC SYSTEMS -   A county-approved septic system must be in place on the property before the owners can move into a new home site. 

  8. FENCES shall be permitted to extend to the side and back lot lines and to no less than 15 feet of the front lot lines, but without impairment of the easements reserved and granted in these restrictions.


Three (3) buildings are allowed per the Deed Restriction:

  1. (1) Home of a minimum square footage of 1200 square feet. Only one residence is allowed – living in trailers, out buildings or garage is prohibited.

  2. (1) Separate garage, barn or workshop – any building over 144 square feet falls into this category.

  3. (1) Separate shed/outbuilding – any building not more than 144 square feet (12’ X 12’ in size) and not less than 30 square feet.


Livestock shall be limited to no more than one (1) head (horse, sheep, goats or cow) per acre without prior written consent of the undersigned or the ACC. Poultry and swine are prohibited except for school projects.


Violation of Deed Restrictions can be reported to or 830-393-2090.  The ACC will need to inspect the problem or it cannot be pursued. We do not trespass on private property. Violators will be contacted and if the violation is not resolved after three months, the ACC will inform the ECROA board of directors of the violation. The board will determine if any legal action will be pursued. Visit to review the Deed Restrictions.

Deed Restrictions by Lot Number

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