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Eagle Creek Ranch Owners Association Meeting Agenda

Wilson County ESD #2 Emergency Services Building

January 23, 2024    at    7:00pm


1.   Meeting call to order /establish a Quorum

2.   Secretary reading of minutes of November 28, 2023 / call for approval

3.   Welcoming Committee report

4.   Treasurer’s Report / call for approval

5.   Parks Committee report

6.   ACC report

7.   Old business:

        7.1   Pond Pump/Valve Repair:  Are there any new bids for the repairs of the pond pumps?

        7.2   Trash in Parks and on Roadsides:  Reference discussion on trash in parks and roadsides within Eagle Creek Ranch - Has Parks committee reached out to our membership for volunteers to clean up the areas perhaps 2 or 3 times a year or as needed? This was done in the Sandy Oaks area with good results.

         7.3   Lock for Park Gates:   Review budget for the “Super Lock”

8. New business:

  1.  Secretary resigned:  After 7 years of dedicated service, Susan is retiring from the board.  Consequently, a new Secretary must be elected.  We will be advertising to fill the position.

  2. Vandalism:  A Mailbox at Misty Bend and Eagle Creek Dr. was ripped off it’s stand and stolen in December.  Also, vandalized stop sign off wildflower & palo alto.

  3.  The street light beside the mailboxes at corner of Misty Bend and Eagle Creek Dr. was replaced by FELPS after this happened, it seems it had been out for quite some time without being reported to the POA.

  4.  There has been renewed interest from the community about raising chickens/Fowls this would need to come as a request letter from a registered member of the community to the POA asking that an amendment to the restriction be considered by the board, if feasible then a date would be set for it to be voted on by the membership at an annual or special meeting. 

  5.  List of fines associated with Deed Restriction violations:  Should we post to Deed Restrictions page?

9. Call for any other new business

10.  Adjourn 

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