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the Board of Director Officers.
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Wanted: Scouting organization to perform retirement ceremony for the U S and Texas flags on the flag poles at the Entrance to Eagle Creek Ranch at the intersection of 181 and Eagle Creek Blvd. by the Church. Please contact Linda Miller at if interested.

These are the lightpoles in the Eagle Creek Ranch neighborhood. If you notice that any of these are not working, please look at the number on the pole and notify FELPS to get it repaired.

Streetlight addresses and pole numbers in Eagle Creek Ranch

775 Palo Alto                  1000342

775 Hunters Glen        0

775 Eagle Creek Dr    1004616

775 Governors Ln        100470

725 Harvest Ln              0

725 Buttermilk              0

181 Eagle Creek Ranch Blvd                1) 1004362     2) 1004882

181 Eagle Ridge            1004897

Misty Bend Park           1004180

Eagle Ridge Park          1004058

Boulevard Park             1004447

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